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 More top 10 questions

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PostSubject: Re: More top 10 questions   5th January 2012, 14:11

Yes, yes, he also had the chance to live in Switzerland and be untouched by war.
Every moment of my life is echoed in the music of Philip.
All the songs you mentioned are wonderful. If I could add Si dolce tormento...
In the list that I created on Youtube, there are at least 30 titles.
If we had to do to keep that, it would be Oblivion Soave, from the Incoronazione di Poppea. When I was a student, I graduated with a thesis on the Emperor Nero and Poppea's character has always intrigued me. This song so sweet, this Poppea who sleeps surrounded by love makes me feel good to the soul.
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PostSubject: Re: More top 10 questions   5th January 2012, 20:24

Caroline: Thank you for the tips!

Bpidouxl: Sorry for your lost. Your thesis was about Nero, great topic! I also love Oblivion soave, I listen to it everynight, it is so beautiful and relaxing! hugs
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PostSubject: Re: More top 10 questions   5th January 2012, 20:51

carolineleiden wrote:
Vivaldi: is there any way a woman can imitate the countersound in headvoice? The chestnotes come out pretty much like an alto boy for me, but as soon as I switch at E5 I immediately become a woman again. And if I switch before, I am a woman there too. I am inbetween two fachs: alto and mezzo.

Caroline, your voice is how nature created you, your voice is who you are so don't try to manipulate it to somethig else. Sing as naturally as you can with your own voice and don't try to change it. It's not healthy and not recomended.
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PostSubject: Re: More top 10 questions   5th January 2012, 20:59

Jarofil wrote:

yes, unfortunately it's long time sold out. I don't have a Facebook account, but I read a reason Philippe wrote on his FB why couldn't be a reedition - because he has a contract with different label, isn't it? It's really very, very, very stupid and embarrassing reason. no-no! Pity...

That;s really weird, as if he is the first singer to have crossed contracts, not to mention he sings regularly for the Navie Vivaldi Edition, and if he is to record Sesto from Salzburgs so he is going to appear on the Decca lable.

I have the Ferrari CD copied from a friend, the sound is little diminished because it was compressed as MP3, but if I remember correctly the original sound quality was not so good, Jaroussky's voice wasn't on it's highest beauty. It's beautiful music, I wish I had the sleeve notes, it's difficult to listen to this music without the text in front of the eyes. I hope it will be rereleased or that Virgin will come up of a similar program for Philippe.
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PostSubject: Re: More top 10 questions   5th January 2012, 21:20

Re: the Ferrari Musiche Varie CD - copies do occasionally come up for sale online. Last time I checked, they were being offered at a massive €200 - so anyone who has one knows what they are worth to Philippe's fans!

And I forgot to include this one in my list of favourite Ph. J. arias :

Ch'io parta (from Partenope) - "Si, crudele, parto, ma senza cor" (swoon, thud!)

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PostSubject: Re: More top 10 questions   5th January 2012, 22:02


Than I have two voices. One in chest that naturally sounds like a boy, and one in head that sounds like a woman. smile So I'll work on the chestvoice to be more female, which is probably easier.
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PostSubject: Re: More top 10 questions   6th January 2012, 17:12

For me, the most moving piece sung by Philippe and my favorite is Sances Stabat mater, too, maybe because I've heard it in a concert in a very small church with an incredible silent during the singing and even after.
But I don't know if I'll be able to choose 9 other pieces... I'll try
2. Se a piedi toi morro
3.Cum dederit from Nisi Dominus de Vivaldi
4. Se vago rio
5. Oblivion soave
6. Music for a while
7. Sento in seno
8. Se dolce il tormento
9. Alto Giove
10. Ombra mai fu
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PostSubject: Re: More top 10 questions   

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More top 10 questions
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