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 Concert in Brussels on December 6th 2011

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PostSubject: Re: Concert in Brussels on December 6th 2011   17th December 2011, 09:53

I wonder if it has anything to do with his planned 8 mounths break. Undoubtly he works too much. He sings and records extensively. I fear it's too much for any singer, specially to CT whose voices tend to wither quite soon. It happend to many of them: Michael Chance in his mid 40s was a shade of himself, same goes to Andreas Scholl and David Daniels. I noticed signs of wear and abused timber in Jaroussky's Caldara album, specially in high notes, even though when I heard him last year as Sesto in Paris he was absolutely magnificent, and is so in the very difficult and high Pie Jesu in Faure's Requiem, which means, I think, there is a certain decline in his high register, so I hope he is going to leave those very high roles and concentrate on the traditional alto range (which means up to high F) so he could enchant us with his superb music-making for many many years.
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PostSubject: Re: Concert in Brussels on December 6th 2011   17th December 2011, 11:21

It might indeed have something to do with his break. Maybe, before stopping, he intends to get as much out of himself as possible, postponing everything until that break, and then it's on to something completely different. He says he wants to be more than just a singer, and rightly so, because he is capable of much more. I just hope the break won't come too late. He seems to let himself getting swept away by this huge success, and he is really probably enjoying himself immensely at the same time, but he's also pushing himself.

But singing is not just fun and games, it is like sports, a very pshysically demanding activity. And when you're in your thirties, slowly and gradually, things become harder. Not that you can't do it anymore, it is not even harder to do it at the time, especially if the audience goes wild and you get the adrenaline flowing, but your body takes more time to recuperate. Any athlete knows that and starts to take it down a nodge at that age.

These tours are too demanding. It's one day on and one day off, but if that day is used to travel, than you can't rest properly.

I must admit, I am becoming a little bit worried. (And now I am REALLY beginning to sound like my mother...which is of course far more worrysome...)

Edit: typo's. (Due to old age, perhaps.)

Edit 2: Just read the topic on radio broadcasts: apparently he has figured out he is not twenty anymore and needs more rest because this life is getting a bit too much for him. Well, that is one less thing to worry about.

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PostSubject: Re: Concert in Brussels on December 6th 2011   17th December 2011, 13:59

Thank you very much, Vivaldi, his words I reassure much, although this seems silly. kiss
The sharpest Jaroussky registration is not that most excites me, so I trust what you say.
Carolinleiden, I do not worry in her voice as my mother cares about me, what happens is that since 7 years I suffer Stockholm syndrome due to Philip and do not want to make my raptor lose powers of seduction to his victim. Stockholm syndrome to the maximum extent.
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PostSubject: Re: Concert in Brussels on December 6th 2011   17th December 2011, 20:32

ROSAMUNDA: Laughing I know what you are feeling!!
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PostSubject: Re: Concert in Brussels on December 6th 2011   18th December 2011, 14:25

...and you are never too old to get that Stockholm syndrome...His victims are legion!!! lol Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Concert in Brussels on December 6th 2011   

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Concert in Brussels on December 6th 2011
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