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 Ambronay yesterday

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PostSubject: Ambronay yesterday   12th September 2011, 10:04

Ambronay: splendid concert yesterday!
I attended Philippe's concert with the Concerto Köln to Ambronay (to the program the works of Caldara) yesterday. I absolutely wanted to go to Ambronay, because I saw videos of concert on YouTube. The atmosphere is really very warm and nice, as we can see it on the videos of the previous years.
Yesterday afternoon, the abbey was saturated by world and showed itself very enthusiastic. It always surprises me seeing a rather old public who applauds up and shouts his enjoyment!
I was a little disappointed on the other hand by the acoustics of the church. There is a lot of echo, and the sound is not very clear. And we do not see very well if we are not in the first ranks. Furthermore, the musicians of the Concerto Köln are very many and the music often masks the voice of Philippe. In the second part, it seems to me that this defect was a little corrected by the musicians, who played more in sharpness(delicacy).javascript:emoticonp('give rose')
Philippe came back three times for from magnificent recalls of which the brilliant Alto Giove de Porpora. I am always impressed by the energy which release Philippe and the musicians. It is almost a sporting exploit of its share! And all this energy overflows on the public. I left so happy to have been there! Impossible to decide to me to return, however the road was long (two hours of car). My husband who particularly does not like the classical music and which does not have culture in this field was pleased to discover this universe. I was relieved of it! I needed to divide that with you, friends of Jaroussky! What a intense happiness, I could speak about it about hours, as well the beauty as Philippe gives us touches me! Did one of you witness this great moment?

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Marietherese bonnjour


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PostSubject: I was there, too!   14th September 2011, 01:32

Dear bpidouxl,

I was there in Ambronay too! Visiting Ambronay festival was my longtime dream, so I am very happy that it came true. I traveled from Germany where I'm temporarily living, but it was definitely worth traveling such a long way!

Philippe was marvelous as usual despite the not-actually-perfect acoustics of the venue (I agree with you in that regard). I was especially overwhelmed by his delicate and perfect "messa di voce" shown in an encore piece Alto Giove.

After the concert, my friends and I had a chance to have a little chat with PJ at the signing session (he's always so nice and humble when speaking with his fans). He said he likes to pick up a program that has been performed in the past, because its rendering is changing and evolving all the time. I completely agree to this idea. His performance in Ambronay this time was somewhat different from that of his Caldara CD, and we were thrilled by that.
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PostSubject: Re: Ambronay yesterday   14th September 2011, 02:42

One of my dreams is also Ambronay....a lit'le hard from here! Thank you marietherese, for your feedback! He is very nice and patient, and I am glad you could talk to him!!!!I will see him next year in Salzburg but this year I just saw him once. But it is always worth it to hear what he has to say!
Kind regards
Maria agree
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PostSubject: Re: Ambronay yesterday   14th September 2011, 08:18

Dear friends,
I indeed thought that there were other fans from the Forum in Ambronay in this nice crowd. I liked the relaxed atmosphere of this place. Small disappointment: the village was a little bit sad, and it was difficult to find a sandwich on Sunday afternoon. It's really a small village!
I shall have liked as staying a few moments to try to see Philippe and to speak a little, but my husband wanted to return quickly. I was already very satisfied that he accompanies me, it was one effort for him …
It's true, the concert was rather different from the record. That is why I like going to the concert, to discover all the new nuances and the additional subtleties which Philippe brings. Caldara is not my favorite CD. I find that the piece of music are alike, that they are an excess rich, if you understand what I want to say. I have the impression of food of the foie gras: I like that, but it is fast a little bit heavy! Sorry for the culinary comparison …
I was lucky to see Philippe three times these last six months, in Paris with L’Arpeggiata, in Saint-Prex (Switzerland) with Opium and in Ambronay on Sunday with Caldara. Every time, it is a marvel! He embellishes my life! And I am happy to see the other persons in the concert who share this emotion and this enjoyment. javascript:emoticonp('sunny')
It’s right, I’m lucky to live near Paris, Lyon or Geneva. It's must be difficult and expensive when we live very far. Friendly thoughts from Switzerland!
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PostSubject: Re: Ambronay yesterday   23rd September 2011, 07:38


Oh....your feelings are so touching..... I know all this minds, especially about the "taste" of music, but - I guess, you ´ll agree - Philippe could sing just one gamut ( I ´d prefer d- minor harmonic scale ) and it will be an marvel, full of expression and delicious feelings.

You´re absolutely lucky indeed - to live so close to the coveted places like Paris, Geneva or Lyon.... I hope to meet you one day ( and a lot of other true follower of our dear "subject") somewhere !

Warm greetings! sunny

Händel for President!
Jaroussky pour le Ministre de la culture!
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PostSubject: Re: Ambronay yesterday   

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Ambronay yesterday
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