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 "Fresh" interview from Switzerland

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PostSubject: "Fresh" interview from Switzerland   17th August 2011, 23:37

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PostSubject: Re: "Fresh" interview from Switzerland   18th August 2011, 11:19

After having read the interview, I wonder how Philippe was able to sing with a cold and a sinusitis. That usually creates a terrible headache, especially in case of vibration... bow He is a real professional.
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PostSubject: Re: "Fresh" interview from Switzerland   18th August 2011, 17:34

I've had sinusitis several times and the first time I got it I couldn't keep my head up, I had to lie down or rest my head against something (the table mostly, lol) if I was going to sit. I don't know how he was able to go through with the concert...he's a real trouper.
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PostSubject: Re: "Fresh" interview from Switzerland   19th August 2011, 18:22

Hi Everyone, flowers
Was so lucky to be in St-Prex (Vieux-Moulin) on 17.08.11 and, yes, it was an incredible & fantastic evening!! Although it has been announced at the beginning of the performance that Philippe was so sorry to have caught this cold & asking us to be indulgent, he has really been a wonderful professional and it was a great performance give rose Only when speaking at the very end, we realised “he has a cold indeed!”
It was the very first time I saw a concert with Philippe and it is really a shock in every sense of the word. His kindness and sensibility are in his voice and you’re feeling directly linked to the joy & pleasure he has to sing. Well, not easy to put words on all these emotions!
The programme has been prepared with his friends Gauthier Capuçon & Jérôme Ducros and it was also very sweet to see their joyful complicity. At the very end we’re even lucky to get the trio on piano for a Rachmaninov piece. The 1st part of the programme was dedicated to “Mélodies françaises” & the 2nd one to Spanish songs, both parts including some “surprises” which personally I’ve never heard on disc or net. Let’s hope they will be recorded once !! dance

Part 1
R. Hahn: A Chloris, Les donneurs de sérénades, Offrande, Trois jours de vendanges, L’Heure exquise
G. Fauré : Elégie pour violoncelle & piano (only G. Capuçon & J. Ducros)
C. Franck : Le Sylphe
J. Fabricius : Extase
J. Massenet : On dit !, Elégie, Nuit d’Espagne
Part II
M. de Falla : 7 chansons populaires espagnoles
A. Piazzolla : Le Grand Tango (only G. Capuçon & J. Ducros – both fantastic with that piece!)
C. Saint-Saëns: El Desdichado
H. Villa-Lobos : Bachianas Brasileiras n° 5 « Aria » (OMG, so beautiful !)
P. Viardot : Habanera
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PostSubject: Re: "Fresh" interview from Switzerland   19th August 2011, 20:07

ppc, thanks! flowers
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PostSubject: Re: "Fresh" interview from Switzerland   2nd October 2011, 15:47

The pain of sinusitis depends on which sinuses are blocked. If it is the ones in your face or jaws, you can effectively use painkillers and move about again, albeit quite uncomfortable.

But the ones behind your forehead...that is crippling. Then you need to keep very very still, even though all you want to do is bang your head against the walls or jump up and down while turning around in little circles holding your head in your hands and scream in pain.

(Oh yes, I've had sinusitis, and I have done all things above. But him: HE SANG! Bloody amazing.)
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PostSubject: Re: "Fresh" interview from Switzerland   

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"Fresh" interview from Switzerland
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