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 Interview in Moscow, 30.09.2010.

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PostSubject: Interview in Moscow, 30.09.2010.   27th October 2010, 10:07

Better later than never.

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Philippe Jaroussky : „To practice I sing as an very bad baritone“.

Fiodor Wyasemsky spoke with the famous French countertenor after his concert in the Small Hall of Moscow Tchaykowsky Konservatory.

FW:- Has your professional life changed after all these prizes like MIDEM last year?

PhJ: - Not, you know….Though, I feel myself very lucky and sometimes also ashamed to have so much luck in my life. But I am very happy and thankful for my success.

FW:- Do you feel also some rivalry?

PhJ:- Yes, of course, I compare myself with the other singers – to know them, what they can do better than me and what I can learn . And I friendly communicate with them.
M. E.Cencic , for example, is my good fellow , he sings the Rossini – repertoire for an mezzo , but I absolutely can not do something like this.
There is growing up the new generation of the singers, 20 –25 years old now , with a good technic and a good sense. The situation has completely changed in the last ten years.
Now, we can listen to the very different countertenor voices- I am an mezzo, there were also some deep altos as well as very high male soprano voices . In this situation I recognise the rivalry , but the much more important thing is – that we revive the baroque music together. For myself I try to choose the repertoire, which suits better to my voice.

FW:- Do you feel the baroque repertoire sometimes to “small” for you? Do you want to try something modern?

PhJ:- Yes, I just recorded one very modern piece, composed special for me by the French composer Marc- André Dalbavie, with an big orchestra- it was an great experience. And 2012 I will participate in the performance of the opera “Caravaggio” – it is an very interesting project, not only because of the music, but also because of the dramatical acting - Caravaggio was such an picturesque ambiguous person…Therefore I should not only show my “ angelic” voice, but also create an more dark character.

FW:-Did you try to sing in an more low tessiture?

PhJ:- Of course! To practice I sing as an very bad baritone ( laughed ) – it is necessary for mobility of a voice.

FW:-Four years ago you sung in the Big Hall of Moscow Konservatory, this time- in the Small Hall. It is much comfortable for your voice?

PhJ:- Yes, I felt more comfortable here, but to perform in the Big Hall with its famous acoustics was also an unforgettable experience. And not very difficult one. A day before the concert I had my rehearsal there , we cheked out the acoustics , so therefore I was not afraid because of the hall´s size . Much more I was impressed by the history of this great place. As an former violinist I ´m an big admirer of David Oystrakh. To visit his old dress- room, to see all the composer´s portraits there – it was an very strong experience for me.

FW:-Are you not afraid of the big spaces?

PhJ:- Less and less. You know, there could be an small hall with a bad acoustics and an large one with a great acoustics. For example, I sung in the Concertgeubow in Amsterdam and was not frightened . But in the big hall one should be ready to miss the true contact to the audience , one should often force the emotions because of do not see the people. Tonight I saw almost each face really close and therefore could share the music quite different. Here they started to welcome me with very great applause already before the performance, it is quite strange, but I understand– they waited for me and wanted to see me again.

FW:- Now,the people buy the CD´s – it is more comfortable and cheap than to go to an concert. What do you try to do to interest the audience with the “live sound”?

PhJ:- I go onstage not to prove something, but to share my musical feelings. Of course, I do my bests, but I just sing and do not try to prove, that I can sing. But I like to record, too. It is an great chance and I do not understand the singers, who do not use this possibility.The voice is not eternal, twenty years later it will go lost , but one can watch the video and listen to an CD, where my voice is so like in very this moment.

FW:- Do you separate your stage life and your “usual “ life?

PhJ:- I am an very different person onstage and in my “ other “life. It must be. I should keep myself as an complete person in this situation. I try to be honest to the people, but I am embarrassed , if any people want to be my friends because they like my singing. Maybe I will do not please them as an person! Therefore I choose to go a bit reserved for better and miss sometimes the new friends or useful contacts, but I prefer to stay with my old friends, who knew me before my singing career – just as an friend but not as an singer…

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( And forgive me my poor English as always)

" J’essaye de contrôler mon image et je ne vois pas pourquoi je parlerais de ma vie privée ou pourquoi je devrais faire connaître publiquement mes choix politiques ou autres." [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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PostSubject: Re: Interview in Moscow, 30.09.2010.   27th October 2010, 10:49

Jana thanks for the translation!
It´s a great and informative interview.
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PostSubject: Re: Interview in Moscow, 30.09.2010.   27th October 2010, 14:00

Dearest Janochka, so many thanks for the translation and for your"poor english"....It adds so much more to the interview, flowers !!! Philippe is interesting at every interview, he thinks and feels so much!!! give heart

THANKS cara amica!
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PostSubject: Re: Interview in Moscow, 30.09.2010.   27th October 2010, 14:07

Thanks Jana! And your English is fairly good!
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PostSubject: Re: Interview in Moscow, 30.09.2010.   27th October 2010, 17:54

Thank you jana for the translation. It's much better in English !
I do not understand a word of Russian.
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PostSubject: Re: Interview in Moscow, 30.09.2010.   27th October 2010, 18:51

Thank you, my dear Jana !!!
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PostSubject: Re: Interview in Moscow, 30.09.2010.   28th October 2010, 06:33

Fascinating interview.
I can see why he's cautious about making new friends....
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PostSubject: Re: Interview in Moscow, 30.09.2010.   10th November 2010, 02:12

Thank you so much!! I always appreciate what you do for other Jaroussky fans!
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PostSubject: Re: Interview in Moscow, 30.09.2010.   

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Interview in Moscow, 30.09.2010.
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